Web hosting is what you need to make your website accessible on the Internet.

Our QuickStart all-in-one email and web hosting is secure, fast, reliable and packed with the features and support you need - to manage your online business, set up personalised business email addresses and sell directly via e-Commerce functionality. There are five levels within our QuickStart hosting plans , so you can upgrade as your business grows.

  • Generous disc space and data transfer limits
  • Top tier plans let your website be treated as its own identity
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel lets you configure the features you need
  • Measure your website's performance to understand your visitors better
  • Protect your information from malicious spam and viruses
  • Get an extra layer of server security
  • Your valuable online assets are protected in our NZ based data centre

If you're looking for virtual servers, you expect fully scalable cloud computing power that only bills you for the resources you actually use. Prowze offers all the benefits of virtual cloud servers.