Integrated Retail Overview

Increasing competitive pressures, wafer-thin margins, high occupancy costs, and unpredictable supply base present challenges to retailers in attaining operational efficiency and profitability. Integrated Retail not only understands these business challenges, but also has the ability to help retailers effectively deal with them. Integrated Retail strongly believes in the fundamentals that it is the triad of people, process and technology that determines business performance.

Integrated Retail is a leading Retail Automation Software Service provider in India and Asia Pacific regions. Integrated Retail provides complete Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software solution for retail automation, retail sales and inventory management, merchandise management and planning across Asia Pacific regions.

We provide services to our customers with the cutting-edge Retail POS Software Retail Pro®. Our mission is to deliver value in the form of dynamic & scalable Retail Point of Sale (POS) solution to retailers at an affordable price. Our service offerings include SRS, Documentation, Implementation, Custom Development, On-site and Off-site support.

Integrated Retail Solutions