Server Deployment

A blade server is a server chassis housing multiple thin, modular electronic circuit boards, known as server blades. Each blade is a server in its own right, often dedicated to a single application.

BladeSystem infrastructure is proven to save time, power and money in large and small data centres.

Blade servers allow more processing power in less rack space, simplifying cabling and reducing power consumption. Research has shown that enterprises moving to blade servers can experience as much as an 85% reduction in cabling for blade installations over conventional 1U or tower servers*. With so much less cabling, IT administrators can spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time ensuring high availability.

Prowze specializes in IBM and most popular Blade Servers for larger businesses. We are fully experienced and work within the most stable platforms and environments. The advantage of blade servers comes not only from the consolidation benefits of housing several servers in a single chassis, but also from the consolidation of associated resources (like storage and networking equipment) into a smaller architecture that can be managed through a single interface. Prowze can deploy virtual servers and data spaces for all your requirements.

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